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Carpet & Wallpaper

Every wallpaper (with the exception of Cityscape Wall and Dirt-Clod Wall) has a matching carpet.  Some matches are easy to distinguish, such as the Exotic Wall and Exotic Rug; others are harder, such as the Modern Screen and Birch Flooring.  For Happy Room Academy points, matches are best.

Nook’s Carpet & Wallpaper

Nook sells all the basic carpets and wallpapers.  At Nook's Cranny and Nook 'n' Go, he will have only one carpet and one wallpaper in stock.  When he upgrades to Nookway, he will offer two carpets and two wallpapers.  Finally, Nookington's has three carpets and three wallpapers on hand on any given day.

Self-Designed Carpet & Wallpaper

You can make basic patterns in your design screen, which you can then use as carpet or wallpaper.  We don't recommend spending money on pro designs for this, because your patterns will still look the same as the basic designs when spread on the floor.  The back and sleeves of pro designs only show up on clothing.

When you place your patterns on the floor or walls, they will be repeating or tiled.  Thus, if you are making stone or brick, for example, the pattern must match up.  The top edge must match the bottom edge and the left edge must match the right edge.  Carefully think this through.

When you are in your house, just go to your design screen and choose to apply the design to the floor or walls.  If you tell it to rotate the design, it will put some rows upside down.

Sahara: Old Floor and Wall Trade-Ins

In no time at all, you will have collected all of the "basic" carpets and wallpapers in your catalogue.  The best carpets and wallpapers are available from Sahara.  She is a camel with carpet and wallpaper rolls sticking out of her backpack, who visits every few weeks.  She will stay in your town from 6:00 a.m. until midnight.

When you find her, talk to her to find out whether she is giving away carpet or wallpaper that day.  You will then need to bring her some old carpets or wallpapers to exchange for her rare designs.  Old wallpaper is NOT wallpaper that you have in your dresser or wallpaper that you don't like.  It is actually called "Old Carpet" or "Old Wallpaper."  Don't get this confused with "Old Board Floor" or "Old Brick Wall!"  Old carpet and wallpaper, for Sahara's purposes, can only be gotten from your animal neighbors on the day Sahara is there.  Simply go around and talk to all of your neighbors to ask them for some.  If you visit all of your neighbors before talking to Sahara again, you will likely get about three.

Take the old stuff to Sahara, and she will take it with her to recycle it when she leaves.  She'll give you her rare stuff.  However, she doesn't always give you rare stuff--sometimes it's basic Nook carpet!  Sahara will take as many old wallpapers as you have in your pockets when you talk to her.  She will NOT ask you how many you want to give!  Regardless of the number you give HER, she will only give YOU one!  Keep this in mind.  However, if you give her only one wallpaper, you are more likely to get a basic wallpaper in return.  Conversely, three wallpapers are more likely to yield rare wallpapers.

After you talk to Sahara, she will wander off.  You can re-visit your neighbors and get more old carpets and wallpapers (sometimes from people who claimed not to have any the first time!) and repeat the process again.

Special Event Carpet and Wallpaper

You can also get rare carpets and wallpapers from certain visitors.

Source Wallpaper Carpet
Franklin Harvest wall Harvest rug
Jack Spooky wall Spooky carpet
Jingle Jingle wall Jingle carpet
Pascal Sea View Ship Deck
Pavé Pavé wall Pavé floor
Snowman Snowman wall Snowman carpet
Mushrooms Forest wall Forest floor
Zipper T Bunny Egg wall Egg floor
Balloon Mushroom Mural Block floor


Gracie sells eight carpets and wallpapers throughout the year.

Season Wallpaper Carpet
Spring Princess Wall Princess Carpet
Summer          Gracie Wallpaper Gracie Carpet
Fall Sweets Wall Sweets Floor
Winter Gorgeous Wall Gorgeous Floor

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