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Don't neglect fashion. Our dad plays Animal Crossing, but he never changes his outfit. Please don't make this mistake.  Enough said.

Able Sisters' Clothes

The clothes at the Able sister's shop range from about 300 to 600 bells.  Often, the 600-bell clothes have matching accessories available.  If Mable just tells you the price of clothes right away, there are no matching accessories.  If she adds, "Get the matching accessories and you'll capture the 'Citrus' look perfectly" then you know they are available.  Clothes with the accessories make a whole costume.

Gracie: Famous Fashion Designer

You can buy clothes at GracieGrace in the city for a pretty bell!  She changes her stock each season.  Spring lasts from March to May, summer lasts from June to August, fall lasts from September to November, and winter lasts from December to February.

Clothing Your Town's Animals

Are you sick of what Aurora is wearing? Send her a different outfit in the mail!


If you send an outfit to an animal in the mail, they will wear it. If you talk to them after they get the letter, they will thank you for the outfit. If someone else who lives in your town talks to them first, the animal will tell them what that you had sent them the outfit and they will give their opinion of it.


If you display your clothing designs in the tailor's shop, your town's animals will start to wear your designs after a while. Who knows? Your designs could be the most popular fashion!

You can display patterns in friends' towns, as well.  Please ask before doing this, as they may not have the pattern saved anywhere!

Displaying patterns at the Able sisters' shop is the only way to give patterns to your friends, as you cannot mail them and friends will not get your patterns by picking them up off the ground.

Design Your Own Clothes

If you create designs from your design screen, they will be free.  However, the same pattern will be on the front, back, and sleeves of your shirt.

The alternative to this is to make a pro design.  You must make these in the Able sisters' shop and they cost 350 bells.  You get to design the front, back, and sleeves separately.  Click on the blue button at the bottom middle of your design program to switch parts.  You should be careful to make sure that the edges of your front and back will match up underneath the sleeves.

A Little More about Patterns...

Patterns can be used on the ground, on your town flag, on your house flag, on your walls as wallpaper, on your floors as carpet, on umbrellas, on hats, on clothes, in your house as clothes, in your house as umbrellas, and in your house as an easel.  The only time a pro pattern is necessary is when it is used for clothes.  On everything else, only the front of a pro pattern will be used.


On the ground:

You can do a variety of things with patterns on the ground.  If you are tired of the dirt, try making a grass or snow pattern.  Make it whatever is currently in your town, and it will match up nicely at the base of trees.  You can create a stone pattern and use it as a sidewalk.  If you design dirt around the edges of a pattern, you can create any shape you want.  You could use patterns to mark off gardens or your "yard."  You could make a yellow-black stripe caution pattern to ask visitors not to go beyond a certain point.  You can make directional arrow patterns to help visitors find their way (or yourself if you tend to get lost). 

Friends or other residents of your town can pick up these patterns, but they will not receive the design.

On your town flag:

Talk to Officer Booker (on the left) and ask to change the town flag.  In case you haven't noticed, it is located on the right side of your gate.  Try putting up your town's name or an emblem for your town.

On your house flag:

Once you have paid off your loan completely, you will get a flag to the right of you door.  Phone Rover from your attic and ask him to change your flag.  You could display your favorite pattern or your name, perhaps.

Inside Your House

On your walls:

The pattern will repeat.  Try making dots, diamonds, bricks, or stripes.  See the carpet and wallpaper page for more information.

On your floors:

The pattern will repeat.  You will notice that the game automatically adds a carpet texture.  Try making stone, tile, or even solid colors.  See the carpet and wallpaper page for more information.

In your house as clothes:

You can drop a pattern in your house as clothes to display outfits that you have made.

In your house as an umbrella:

You can drop a pattern in your house as an umbrella to display designs that you have made.

In your house as a hat:

You can drop a pattern in your house as a hat.

In your house as easel:

You can drop a pattern in your house as a painting.  It will be put on a canvas and displayed on an easel.

For Fashion

On umbrellas:

The pattern will repeat in six triangles.  The top of your design will be the point, and the triangles are not squished, they are cropped.  Many interesting designs can result when you put any pattern on an umbrella.  Try pressing the A button to spin your design (maybe even make a dizzying design).

On hats:

When you wear a pattern as a hat, a hat will be created.  The hats are the same style as the old ones on the GameCube version.  For boys, this will be a bowl shape with "horns," and for girls, this will be a cone shape tilted backwards.  The patterns will be stretched to fit.

On clothes:

See the above information.  You can use pro designs for clothes.

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