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Crazy Redd

He's the shady fox who sets up shop in the side alley of the city. You shouldn't trust him but he is the only source for certain items so you're forced to deal with the sneaky fox if you like collecting things. He always sell two items and one painting, never more and never less. He gets a new stock in every Wednesday.

How do I get in?

He doesn't recognize you when you try to enter his store without an invitation and he won't let you in. You may be Officer Copper for all he knows! There are two ways to get an invitation.

Get an invitation from a wi-fi (online) friend.

A friend can send you a note written on Redd's stationery or they can drop one from their pockets in your town, or theirs of course. How did they get it? Redd randomly hands them one as they exit his shop one day.

Get an invitation from a villager.

Some animal villager may be kind enough one day to invite you to join, written on Redd's stationery.

What do I do with the invitation?

Once you have an invitation, knock on Redd's door and he will welcome you. Suddenly he claims you as his "cousin." (Maybe he works for the mob!)

What can I get from him?

Overpriced common items.

There are some items that he sells that Nook also sells for less bells. However you may want to purchase them anyway if you want it. It could be weeks before Nook has that item for sale.


Redd's is practically the only place to buy paintings. Nook will seldom have one for sale. If you'd like to know more about paintings visit our museum guide.

Rare items

There are some rare items that are only offered at his shop. You should buy it even if you don't want one at the time because it could be months before he has it for sale again. Plus a wi-fi friend might want to buy it from you. Here is a list of Redd's only items:

  • Blue bed
  • Blue table
  • Red corner
  • Judge's bell
  • Cabana bed
  • Cabana chair
  • Cabin char
  • Classic vanity
  • Classic wardrobe
  • Sawhorse
  • Steam roller
  • Exotic bed
  • Exotic table
  • Green dresser
  • Green wardrobe
  • Kiddie bed
  • Kiddie clock
  • Lovely armoire
  • Lovely end table
  • Medicine chest
  • Amazing machine
  • Modern wardrobe
  • lawn mower
  • Blue table
  • Backyard pool
  • Baby bed
  • Merry-go-round
  • Ranch dresser
  • Ranch chair
  • Regal bed
  • Regal chair
  • Robo-closet
  • Robo-lamp
  • Rocket
  • Space shuttle
  • Saddle fence
  • Well
  • Basketball hoop
  • Black Katana
  • Black knight
  • Black rook
  • Clear model
  • Deer scare
  • Dice stereo
  • Frog-woman pole
  • High-end stereo
  • Hospital bed
  • Lefty lucky cat
  • Luckey black cat
  • Mama panda
  • Pantheon post
  • Paper tiger
  • Pothos
  • Racoon figurine
  • Safe
  • Scoreboard
  • Snake plant
  • Spaceman
  • Super toilet
  • Tabletop game
  • Timpano drum
  • Triforce
  • Turntable
  • White Katana
  • White knight
  • White rook
  • Wide-screen TV