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How do I get them?

You can get emotions in the city at The Marquee. Each emotion costs 800 bells. You will always be given a choice between four emotion shows. When you sit down in the theater, you will watch the "comedy" show of Dr. Shrunk, who will teach you the emotion you have purchased. Dr.ShrunkThe selection of emotions "for sale" changes on Sunday each week. At random, a character named Frillard may take the place of Dr. Shrunk. He can teach you rare emotions, such as embarrassment. To see what it's like meeting Frillard, watch this ACP-TV video showing Frillard at The Marquee.

Partial List of Emotions

  • Anger - Red overhead and says "Unh!"
  • Disappointment - Sighs and slumps shoulders forward
  • Sadness - Bends over, looks like gas
  • Sorrow - Cries
  • Shock - Bang noise and looks like you were jarred
  • Laughter - Leans back smiling with laugh lines radiating away from face
  • Disinterest - Leaves and wind blows by
  • Realization - Exclamation over head
  • Curiosity - Question mark over head
  • Love - Heart rises up over head
  • Sleepiness - Yawn and bubbles come out of mouth. (From Frillard only)
  • Irritation - Squint eyebrows and eyes
  • Embarrassment - Cheeks turn red (From Frillard only)
  • Happiness - Just a subtle smile
  • Delight - Clapping
  • Heartbreak - A heart appears over the head and breaks in two
  • Surprise - Eyes get big
  • Fear - Shivers
  • Glee - Smile with hands clasped notes come out of top of head
  • Resignation - Hands go out, head to the side, then eyes roll
  • Worry - Head slightly bent forward, furrowed eyebrows and a black wisp of wind crosses in front of the face
  • Mischief - Quick step back with one foot, look of fear and shock coming from side of head
  • Joy - Smile and flowers and tinkling sound