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When you visit friends, the number one thing you should remember is to be courteous.  You know how it is in your town--you need that fruit for money, you're going to donate those fossils to the museum, you meant to pick up your stuff from the ground before you opened your gate, etc., so you don't want someone to come in and sell your fruit, dig up your fossils and take your stuff, right?  Well, common courtesy is not to do that to other people.

In general, it is best to ask before you do anything (even fishing or exploring).  Yeah, this is a little silly, since you aren't going to tear up their town; however, asking makes your friend feel secure.  If someone asks me if they may explore, I don't feel like I have to follow them around.


  • Don't pressure your friends--don't beg them for stuff, don't threaten them, etc. because it's totally mean.
  • Don't use bad language or talk about anything that might not be suitable for a little kid--you have no idea who you are playing with!  Besides, when you use bad language, many people will de-friend you.
  • Don't ask for or give personal information--again, you have no idea who you are playing with!!!
  • Don't take stuff without asking
  • Don't buy stuff from Nook's without asking--Remember that furniture, flowers, tools, carpet, and wallpaper will sell out and your friend won't be able to buy it.
  • Don't overstay your welcome.
  • Don't end the party without asking.


  • Bring fruit or presents--you will be well-liked for this!  Other towns may need more kinds of fruit.
  • Look at their house--and find something to compliment.
  • Find out what sets they are looking for--and offer to keep an eye out for it.
  • Pull weeds.
  • Ask permission to do stuff.


If things aren't going so great in your friendship, you can de-friend your friend.  Simply bring up your friend roster, click on a friend, and click de-friend.  The person you de-friended will not be notified; however, they will no longer be able to go to your town.  The following is a list of some situations in which you may need to get rid of a friend (use your judgment, however):

  • If they make you feel uncomfortable or ask you too many personal questions
  • If they do not treat your town with respect
  • If you don't like their language (i.e. cursing)
  • If they call you names or insult you.
  • If they agree to buy something of yours and then rip you off (this is where the guide comes in handy with lists of prices so that you don't get ripped off).
  • If your friend roster is full and you need to add a new friend (in this case take off someone you've not played with yet.


There are some really mean, cruel, sick people out there who might hack into your town and ruin it.  If you do suspect that someone is hacking your town, do not save: reset instead.  Keep in mind that when they leave, the game saves, so reset before they leave.  Most people are not this cruel, so don't worry.  If someone from our friend codes group does this--let us know, please.