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Technical Details of Flowers

How many?

The perfect town

To have the perfect town, as rated in the town hall for the purposes of getting the golden watering can, you will have to consider the number of flowers per 16 x 16 square (acre). To measure out a square, put patterns on the ground, starting from an upper corner: sixteen over, sixteen down. Now, within that square, you will need between 12-15 (fully grown) trees, and 6-10 flowers. That's the formula. Keep your town weed free for 15 days and you'll be getting a golden can at the town hall soon. A note about this number: "6-10" comes from the official guide; however, we have had quite a few more than 10 flowers in an acre and still gotten the perfect town rating. We believe that trees are what really matter in perfect towns.

The grassy town

If you are looking for grass in your town, no number of flowers is too many! Cover every space with flowers! See below, "Flowers and Grass Growth."

Insects and flowers

The following insects are attracted to flowers:

Near flowers

Common Butterfly
Yellow Butterfly
Tiger Butterfly (near red and pink flowers)
Peacock (near blue, violet, and black flowers)
Agrias Butterfly
Raja Brooke

On Flowers

Orchid Mantis

Flowers and time

Watering Intervals

If you skip one day of watering (or rain), about ten percent or so of your flowers will wilt. To keep all of your flowers in good shape, water all daily.


If you time-travel forward, your flowers will be affected. Some things, like grass growth, won't change when you time-travel, but flowers will react as if you had played every day without watering them. We had nearly every space in our town covered with flowers. One day, however, when time-travelling a few hours backward, we accidentally set the date back to the year 2000. When we put the time back to 2009, every last flower was completely gone--not wilted--gone! Be careful with time-travelling.

Flowers in your house

Inside of your house, flowers will never wilt. If you are time- travelling, going on a vacation, or for whatever reason you cannot play the game for a while, store your flowers in your house.

Flowers and villagers

Villagers are happier and will stay longer if you have the perfect town rating. Additionally, they are happy to have flowers in their acre. By the same logic, they may be more likely to move into a space with more flowers. Move your hybrids away from those little house markers when you're expecting a new villager!

The care of flowers

Running and flowers

Running over flowers will cause them to die, but not on the first time. It takes three times of running over a flower for it to die. However, after watering the flower and after the passage of time, the flower will be "healed," that is, if you had run over it twice, it will be like your run-over-the-flower count was be set back to zero and you can still run it over a few more times.

Watering Flowers

As I said before, it is best to water your flowers daily. As your watering cans improve, it becomes easier to water flowers. Read the tools guide to find out how to upgrade your cans.

The standard can

With the standard can, you must water each and every flower. If a flower wilts, you cannot revive it.

The silver can

With the silver can, you can water one flower, and have four flowers around the center flower also get watered. You only have to water the one flower, but five total flowers are watered! It's like this:
------ X ------
--- X O X ---
------ X ------
In addition, you can water wilted flowers and bring them back to life.

The gold can

With the gold can, you can water one flowers, and have eight flowers around the center flower also get watered. You only have to water the one flower, but nine total flowers are watered! It's like this:
--- X X X ---
--- X O X ---
--- X X X ---
Just like the silver can, the gold can brings flowers back to life, but it also brings black roses back to life! See, "The Golden Rose," below.

Nook and Wild Flowers

Nook flowers all cost 160 bells and can be sold back for 40 bells. Several spring up wild in your town ever day, as well.

Nook Flower List

White Cosmos
Red Cosmos
Yellow Cosmos

White Roses
Red Roses
Yellow Roses

White Tulips
Red Tulips
Yellow Tulips

White Pansies
Red Pansies
Yellow Pansies

Cross Breeding and hybrids

How to cross breed flowers

To cross-breed flowers, you need to put two of the same species of flower next to each other. They can either be the same color or different colors, but they must be the same species (e.g. Red rose and red rose or red rose and white rose, but not red rose and red cosmos). The flowers can either be directly next to each other or diagonal to each other (any of the X spots in the golden can diagram would work).

Cross breeding flowers takes a long time and a lot of patience! Most of the time, your flower groupings will just produce more parent flowers, instead of cross-breeds.

Hybrid list

Hybrid Parent Parent
Pink Cosmos Red Cosmos White Cosmos
Orange Cosmos Yellow Cosmos Red Cosmos
Black Cosmos Red Cosmos Red Cosmos
Pink Roses Red Roses White Roses
Orange Roses Yellow Roses Red Roses
Purple Roses White Roses White Roses
Black Roses Red Roses Red Roses
Blue Roses Purple Roses Black Roses
Pink Tulips Red Tulips White Tulips
Purple Tulips Yellow Tulips Red Tulips
Black Tulips Red Tulips
Yellow Tulips
Red Tulips
Yellow Tulips
Purple Pansies Red Pansies Red Pansies
Blue Pansies White Pansies White Pansies
Orange Pansies Red Pansies Yellow Pansies
White Carnations Red Carnations Pink Carnations
Hybrid Combos

The only hybrids that produce new hybrids are the purple-black rose combos. Other combinations of hybrids will either produce more of the two kinds of hybrids or some of the parent flowers, provided that the hybrid combo you make is of the same species.

Non-hybrid list

These combos will not produce hybrids. We are providing this list in case it helps you. If you want every flower in your town to produce hybrids, just make sure that you have none of these combinations:

White Cosmos White Cosmos
White Cosmos Yellow Cosmos
Yellow Cosmos Yellow Cosmos
White Roses Yellow Roses
Yellow Roses Yellow Roses
White Tulips White Tulips
White Tulips Yellow Tulips
White Pansies Yellow Pansies
Yellow Pansies Yellow Pansies

If you'll notice, most white-white, yellow-yellow, and white-yellow combos don't produce hybrids. These will only yeild more of the same.

Special Flowers

The golden rose

The golden rose never dies, and can be used to create any hybrids. To make a golden rose, you must allow a black rose to wilt, and then water it with a gold watering can.


You will get one carnation in the mail on Father's Day and on Mother's Day. The pink is from Mother's Day and the red is from Father's Day. You can cross-breed these to create white carnations and more pink and red ones, so be sure to save the Mother's Day carnation until Father's day and plant them next to each other! According to the official guide, pink and red carnations may be sold at Tom Nook's store for 500 bells, while white carnations may be sold back for 2,000 bells.

Perfect Town Flowers

While your town has a perfect town rating, Jacob's Ladder flowers will often appear. Jacob's Ladders may be sold to Nook for 90 bells.

Flowers and Grass growth

Flowers greatly speed the growth of grass. For more detailed information check out our grass guide.


There are a few different kinds of weeds in the game. There are plain weeds, which show up at the rate of about 3 or 4 per day, even if you played the day before. Plain clovers also show up even if you didn't play the day before. About 1 in every fifteen weeds or so is a clover. Occasionally, you may pick up a lucky clover! These look just like normal clovers, but an announcement will tell you that you've found one, just like when you catch a fish. Lucky clovers are officially lucky items, for HRA purposes (see HRA). When you set them down in your house, they look like an open book with a clover pressed inside. Dandelions are also weeds. They show up randomly, but not in the snow. If you allow them to "wilt," they will turn into Dandelion Puffs. Pick these up, drag them to your character from your item screen. You will hold them in your hand. Now, outside of your item screen, press "A" on your character. He will blow on the Dandelion Puff! Weeds detract from your town rating. We are not sure if Dandelions or Dandelion Puffs detract from your HRA score.

Decorative Purposes for flowers

In your house

You can put flowers in your house on tables or on the ground. They will never wilt in your house, nor can they be watered. Different species of flowers have different pots.

As accessories

Drag flowers to your character from your item screen, and you can wear them as accessories, either in your mouth or in your hair. Cosmos are the best-looking flower in hair.

Flower Theft

Unfortunately, many people out there would like your hybrids, either to sell for many bells, to decorate their own towns, or to "duplicate." If you have a town full of hybrids, use caution when inviting new people over to your town.

And don't become a hybrid theif. Cross-breeding is a tough process. Most people's hybrids have been gotten legitimately, through cross-breeding. If you want a flower, ask. It has been my experience that people are generous with flowers when asked. But don't assume that a person must have duped their flowers, gotten them the easy way, to justify your stealing them. Respect the hard work that people have done, and don't steal flowers!