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Oh, where do we begin on furniture? This is arguably the category with the most information. Unfortunately, we cannot cover this topic thoroughly.

Furniture - Any item that, when dropped outside, appears as a green leaf on the ground.

Purposes of Furniture

The main purpose of furniture is to decorate your house. Your furniture, combined with your carpet and wallpaper make up your Happy Room Academy (HRA) score. Some furniture can contribute to your feng shui. Some furniture can be entertaining, such as video games. Finally, some furniture can be useful for storing items. These make your daily activities easier.

Happy Room Academy

Try as you may, you will likely be discouraged by the weekly assessment you receive from the HRA. Those judges are extremely difficult to please! In addition, you may be a little disturbed that they enter and assess your house while you are away…

The easiest thing you can do to please the HRA is to keep your house clean. DO NOT leave trash lying around. Please note that the HRA’s definition of trash may not be yours. They include not only old boots in their definition, but unidentified fossils, fruit, and seashells as well. If you must keep these in your house, store them neatly away in your cabinets and drawers. Also, try to control the cockroach population…

The HRA judges are particularly attracted to sets of furniture. The more items you have of a set, the better your score. Ideally, you should collect an entire set. Collections of items such as rocks will also boost your rating. Most importantly, you will need rare items or even rare sets to achieve the highest scores.

Tweaking your design to suit the HRA judges is a long process, and it is easy to get discouraged by sinking ratings. But take heart! Do not give up! There is a point to this madness. The HRA will give you gifts (namely, house models) for achieving high scores. However, if you are not interested in the models, then by all means, give up!

If you get the high rating of the week, you will be featured at the HRA office as the model room in the back.  Talk to Lyle to find out which of your friends' rooms became the model.  Be sure to congratulate them!

Feng Shui

Feng Shui DiagramAchieving good feng shui is much easier than pleasing the HRA. As you play, you will get various tips from villagers on this topic. Basically, you should arrange your furniture by colors (see the chart). By arranging the colors in this fashion, you will experience many benefits—mostly in the way of money, and some good luck finding rare items. I am not really sure about the particulars of which items qualify as red, green, blue, and orange, but a safe bet would be to use items with those colors in their names such as red clocks, green beds, and orange cones.

Entertaining Furniture

Some kinds of entertaining furniture are things that make you laugh when you first put them in your house and every time you use them. A good example of this is the toilet, which flushes. Another example is, in our opinion, the whole set of harvest furniture. You will know what we mean when you see it.  Some furniture works, such as the blender and the TVs.  You will notice that your television set plays different shows at different times of the day.  It even goes off the air at night!

Useful Furniture

Many pieces of furniture can be used to store things. These are the most useful furniture items. You may find that eventually you wish to keep a stock of rare carpets and wallpapers, but that you do not have enough space in your house. In the GameCube version, the only solution was to buy as many cabinets as possible (since each cabinet only held three items).  Now, however, every cabinet (and the checkroom at the auction house) holds the same items.  You have 160 slots of storage.

Another useful type of furniture is a stereo. For more information on this, read our music article.

Furniture Sets

As you have no doubt noticed, most furniture comes in sets. There are common sets, such as the blue furniture and the cabana furniture, and there are rare sets, such as the harvest furniture and the snowman furniture.

Common Sets

Common sets of furniture, for the most part, can be bought at Tom Nook’s. Unfortunately, nearly every one of these sets has a few pieces which have to be acquired through raffles or black market furniture dealers. Sometimes the HRA will send you a note with a list of all the pieces in a set if they determine that you are trying to complete that set. Otherwise, if you are not sure whether or not you have completed a set, or which pieces you still need, you might try looking for an AC faq with a list of sets.

Rare Sets

Rare sets of furniture are those that must be gotten on holidays or through other seasonal means. You can get furniture sets on Halloween, at the Harvest Festival, and when Jingle visits your town. For these, see our holiday pages. You can also get furniture by building snowman, and playing games in tents and igloos. The rare sets you can obtain are Spooky, Harvest, Jingle, Snowman, Pave, Egg, and Mario.  We will post lists of these on our event articles.

Completing a Collection

If you have been longing for that last item to complete your furniture set for six months, and you feel like giving up, you might want to find a code to get the item. (This is cheating—so carefully consider that you will be forfeiting the satisfaction of finally finding the piece if you do this.) If you decide to get a code, go to gamefaqs.com and check out some of the wonderful AC faqs there. Some of them have extensive lists of items and the codes for the items.

You are probably wondering how this works… Well, when you talk to Tom Nook, he has an option for you to give him an item for him to ship to another store in another town. The purpose of this service is for you to be able to give an item to a friend in another town, on another system, at another house. You deposit the item with Nook, and he will give you a code. Then you give this code to your friend. Your friend enters the code and Nook gives your friend the item. Each item has a unique code.

Getting Furniture – Summary

Tom Nook

You can buy furniture at Tom Nook’s. Each time you upgrade his store, he will have more furniture available. However, you will find that in time, his furniture selection starts repeating.

You can get furniture by accumulating rewards points at Nook's.


Weekdays 6:00 am - 6:00 pm
Gulliver is flying in a UFO.  Shoot the UFO with your slingshot to get these items:

Arc de Triomphe
Manneken Pis
Mermaid statue
Moai statue
Mouth of Truth
Plate Armor
Tower of Pisa
Tribal Mask

Crazy Redd

Crazy Redd is a black market furniture salesman. He is located in the city alley to the left.  Talk to him through the door.  He will not let you in until you have an invite card.  Within the next couple of days a neighbor will offer to send you one in the mail.  Bring this to Redd's place and he'll let you in.  His prices are high, and usually one or more of his items is a scam, meaning, a common item which he is selling for thousands of bells. Be an informed shopper, and you can acquire many rare items through his store.

Most paintings can only be acquired through Redd.  He prices them at 3,920 bells.  Unfortunately, Blathers may find some of Redd's paintings to be forgeries.  Here is the list of paintings Redd sells:

Dynamic Painting
Nice Painting
Proper Painting
Solemn Painting
Moving Painting
Strange Painting
Quaint Painting
Worthy Painting
Flowery Painting
Calm Painting
Famous Painting
Warm Painting
Moody Painting
Perfect Painting
Jolly Painting
Wistful Painting
Amazing Painting
Fine Painting
Serene Painting
Scary Painting
Scenic Painting

The Common Painting and the Basic Painting are available as spotlight items at Tom Nook's shop.


GracieGrace sells furniture for very extravagant prices (i.e. a coffee table for 120,000 bells


You can get furniture by trading with villagers. Getting a good deal this way requires practice. You will have to be scammed a number of times before you become an excellent trader. Furniture from villagers is typically not rare furniture.

You can also get furniture by sending letters with presents to villagers. They will send you a letter in return with another present, possibly furniture.

On your birthday you will receive presents in the mail from your villagers, possibly with furniture.


You can shoot down balloons to get the Mario furniture series:

Mushroom Mural
Block Floor
Brick Block
Fire Flower
Super Mushroom
Koopa Shell
1-Up Mushroom
? Block
Green Pipe
Fire Bar

Other Ways to Get Furniture

  • Furniture can be found by shaking trees.
  • Furniture can travel in presents attached to balloons which eventually land in trees.
  • Sometimes villagers will bury furniture and post an announcement on the bulletin board with the acre specified.
  • You can also win furniture in events such as the fishing tourneys.
  • You can get furniture from visitors such as Kaitie and Kaitlin, and Pascal (more info on them coming soon).
  • You can get furniture from Tortimer the mayor on holidays.
  • Furniture will also appear in the lost and found or the recycle.
  • You can get furniture by building snowmen.
  • Finally, you can get furniture from holiday characters such as Jack, Jingle, Pave, Franklin, and Zipper T. Bunny.

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