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A glitch is something that happens in a game that was not intended by the makers. It is usually something that was overlooked during the testing phase. Most happen while you are playing wi-fi with someone else.

When you shut down your game after the glitch happens, everything will be back to normal when you re-start. Glitches do not harm your game. They are good for a lot of laughs when friends are in town visiting.

Glitches and hacking are not the same thing

This subject is not to be confused with "hacking" your game where you are actually altering your game from what Nintendo created. Hacking is changing your game in a way that Nintendo did not want, and we do not condone hacking.

How does a glitch happen?

There is usually some action that you must take in order to make the glitch appear, so most likely you are not going to see these unless you try.

Some people are still not comfortable checking it out, so it is good etiquette not to pressure your friends. They may be worried it will harm their game. In all our years of playing we have not come across anyone whose game was temporarily or permanently altered. It always corrects itself as soon as you start the game again.

Samples of glitches

The more the merrier when trying to see these! They most certainly can happen with two players, but it seems to happen more easily with three or more players. Again we have never heard of anyone whose game was harmed by checking out these glitches. it's not a bad idea to save before you try this, so you guarantee that all has transpired so far won't be lost. I should warn you that it takes time and mostly you can't get them to work.

Stuck behind Sable's sewing machine

This is the one we've had the most luck with. One player stands facing Sable and runs non-stop turning back and forth slightly as they run. The other players would go behind that person and run quickly toward them. Sometimes the players behind, can go back and get a running start to bump the one you are trying to push behind Sable. Keep in mind you need to keep running. You may get lucky and the person facing Sable will actually pop through or behind Sable and then be stuck in the corner behind her sewing machine. The person who is stuck can still talk to Sable, but they cannot exit on their own. It is possible to squeeze someone else into that position by the same method, but of course the person who is stuck in the corner will pop out. Someone will always remain stuck in the corner. Don't worry. Your game is not broken. The person who is hosting can click "end party" and all will be well again.

Able Sisters
Able Sisters2

Stuck behind the sign upstairs in Nookington's

You do pretty much the same directions as above, but the person tries to run behind the sign while the rest run behind him.


Stuck under the museum

Same directions as Able Sister's Shop. For this one you need to try to get behind the coffee sign. You don't try to get in front of it. In other words, you are not trying to run directly into the corner. This glitch is a bit more difficult, because when the others are trying to push a person in, they often accidentally pop into Brewsters doorway! Then you'll let Brewster down, because he may hope you were going to buy a cup of coffee. Awww... The results are a little more funny than other glitches. You actually end up under the museum, and can walk around down there!


On top of a lighthouse or windmill

Usually at each lighthouse or windmill on the beach, there will be a sharper angle on one side than the other. One person stands behind the lighthouse/windmill while holding a shovel, and faces toward the ocean at a diagonal angle. Another person runs back and forth toward the ocean into the angled area. The person with the shovel digs a hole. The hole must be dug at the exact moment so as to make the runner get trapped between the hole and the ocean. When that person is trapped they can spin and pop up on top of the structure. (A second way that has been described is when someone runs in that corner toward the ocean turning back and forth quickly in that sharp angle. Some people say it is helpful if the people who are behind, pushing and bumping, hold their shovels as they run. Someone will pop on top of the lighthouse or windmill.) Whatever method used, it takes multiple tries. The view from above must be spectacular! Heh heh. Supposedly people can get more than one up there.

Windmill Museum

On top of Nookingtons

Run in the same manner behind the sign on the first floor of Nookington's.


Drawer stuck open

Here's one for you that takes no action to make it happen. It is completely random. One day while Greg was playing the game a drawer stuck open for no reason at all. He opened his drawer on the "Paulownia closet" to get items out, and when he was done the drawer was still open. He tried to close it in vain. He went out of the house and came back in, and it was still open. Spooky indeed! He finally picked it up and set it down again and the drawer was closed. This happened on more than one occasion. We haven't heard of this happening to anyone else. Anybody?

Drawer stuck open
Drawer stuck

Jingle stuck in the pond

Another random glitch that happened was seeing Jingle stuck in the pond. We don't hack so we have no idea why this happened. It's included here just because it's a cool picture and a random glitch.

Jingle stuck in pond