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Hairstyles are a great way to improve your look in Animal Crossing, and stand out from everyone else. However knowing what to click in order to get the look you want can be quite a hassle! Fortunately with the help of one of our friends, we have begun compiling a list of all hairstyles with descriptions (pictures to come soon!)! Below is a list of all the male hairstyles, with descriptions. Next to each one you can see what to click to get them.

Male Hairstyles List

By Jordan from Narshe

Cute + Not at all + Not so Much = Short Wings
Cute + Not at all + You bet I am = Longish around the ears and back
Cute + Totally + I could care less = Mushroom Cut
Cute + Totally + No way Darlin' = Upside down pumpkin tooth haircut
Grown up + Big Brother + Give = Front and back stuck up
Grown up + Big Brother + Receive = Buzzcut
Grown up + Business Man + risk it = Sorta Elvis hair
Grown up + Business Man + Run away = Flip in the front long in the back
Crazy + sure + Movie star = Longish in the front parted in the middle
Crazy + sure + Rock Star = Donkey Kong lookin' hair
Crazy + Not at all + yeah totally = Adult Gohan lookin' hair (Spiky)
Crazy + Not at all + No it just Happens = Parted to the left.
Thank you very much Jordan!