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Home is where you hang your hat.

Interior Design

One of the main aspects of Animal Crossing is the ability to decorate your house. You can decorate it in your own style, or try to please the Happy Room Academy. The information here about the HRA and Feng Shui also appears on the furniture page.

Happy Room Academy

Try as you may, you will likely be discouraged by the daily assessment you receive from the HRA. Those judges are extremely difficult to please! In addition, you may be a little disturbed that they enter and assess your house while you are away…

The easiest thing you can do to please the HRA is to keep your house clean. DO NOT leave trash lying around. Please note that the HRA’s definition of trash may not be yours. They include not only old boots in their definition, but unidentified fossils, fruit, and seashells as well. If you must keep these in your house, store them neatly away in your cabinets and drawers. Also, try to control the cockroach population…

The HRA judges are particularly attracted to sets of furniture. The more items you have of a set, the better your score. Ideally, you should collect an entire set. Collections of items such as rocks will also boost your rating. Most importantly, you will need rare items or even rare sets to achieve the highest scores.

Tweaking your design to suit the HRA judges is a long process, and it is easy to get discouraged by sinking ratings. But take heart! Do not give up! There is a point to this madness. The HRA will give you gifts (namely, house models) for achieving high scores. However, if you are not interested in the models, then by all means, give up!

If you get the high rating of the week, you will be featured at the HRA office as the model room in the back.  Talk to Lyle to find out which of your friends' rooms became the model.  Be sure to congratulate them!

Feng Shui

Feng Shui DiagramAchieving good feng shui is much easier than pleasing the HRA. As you play, you will get various tips from villagers on this topic. Basically, you should arrange your furniture by colors (see the chart). By arranging the colors in this fashion, you will experience many benefits—mostly in the way of money, and some good luck finding rare items. I am not really sure about the particulars of which items qualify as red, green, blue, and orange, but a safe bet would be to use items with those colors in their names such as red clocks, green beds, blue cabinets, and orange cones.

The Attic

You cannot decorate the walls or floors of your attic bedroom; however, you can change your bed!  Just "talk" to the foot of your bed to switch it out with one in your pockets.  We're not yet sure if you can change it to a double bed size--we'll let you know.

Exterior Design


When Nook expands his shop, he will begin to sell roof paint. For a reasonable price, you can buy the color of the day and Nook will have your roof painted the next day.

In addition, villagers will sometimes paint your roof. They will inform you that they have just painted it, and, sure enough, when you return the color will be changed. Villagers usually choose black for your house.


When you have paid off all of your expansions, you will get a flag by your house.  You can change the pattern by calling Rover from your attic telephone.

About Paying Off and Expanding Houses

Your Starter Home ~ 19,800b

Your starter home is tiny. I mean, really tiny—well, you know. You can hardly walk into it! Fortunately, it only takes a little while to expand it. Nook will have you begin to pay him back by working for him. After that, you will likely have to sell shells in order to buy your basic tools. Then you can make money quickly by fishing.

starter house

First Expansion ~ 120,000b

This expands your first floor by two spaces all the way around.  Your outside will be slightly bigger.

Second Expansion ~ 248,000b

This expands your first floor by two more spaces all the way around.  Your outside will be wider.

wide house

Third Expansion ~ 368,000b

This gives you a second story that is the same size as your first story was with the first expansion.  Your outside will be taller.

second story

Fourth Expansion ~ 598,000b

This gives you a basement that is the same size as your first story.  You can decorate the basement in this version!  After you pay off the 598,000b, you will get a flag (see above).

You also have an attic that comes with your house which you cannot decorate; it is for saving and changing settings.