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Gamecube House Expansion Guide

Choosing your house

Your house is one of the most important buildings in Animal Crossing. In the original game, when you arrive in town, Tom Nook, owner of the local store (if it’s a new game, then the store should be Nook’s Cranny), will meet you at the train station. He will guide you to the town square, which is four houses with a bulletin board you can post on. You can pick any house you want, although it’s recommended that you choose your house based off of location, as you can change the flooring and wallpaper later.

Paying off mortgages and expanding your house

Once you choose a house, Tom Nook will tell you the specifics. Then, he will ask you to pay for the house. The cost is 19,800 bells… OH NO! You only have 1,000 bells! No worries, you can just work for Tom Nook to help pay the house off. He will tell you to go to his shop to start. Once you’re there, Tom Nook will give you a uniform to wear. You actually don’t have to wear it; although, you might have to wear it for a little bit before the first task. The first task is to plant some flowers and trees around the store. You can actually plant them anywhere; the saplings and seeds must at least be out of your pockets. Then, he’ll ask you to meet everyone in town. This includes all of the villagers on the map plus Tortimer, the mayor, who is at the Wishing Well. Once you have done that, return to the store and do whatever he says until he has no more work for you. He will then let you go. The only problem is that you’ll have to pay the rest yourself. You’re left with 17,400 bells to pay off.

Your house will undergo four expansions. The starter house is four squares by four squares, as shown below:


After you pay off that 19,800 bells, your house can be expanded to six squares by six squares:

First expansion

Here is where the expansions temporarily branch off. You can either choose to expand your home a second time, or add a basement. Both are eight squares by eight squares. Both options are shown below.

secondexpansion Basement

Either path you take, your house will end up looking like this:

Second expansion and basement

Next, you get a second floor! The second floor is six squares by six squares. This is also the final expansion. The final house is shown below:


After you completely pay off your debt, a statue in your image will be put in front of the train station. The statues are in the same locations your houses are in in the town square. Below is a table showing what types of statues you can get, based on who paid off their debt first:

Reward for paying off all your mortgages

  • Place - Statue
  • 1st place - Gold
  • 2nd place - Silver
  • 3rd place - Bronze
  • 4th place - Jade

Congratulations! If you followed this guide, you have paid off all of your debt! Now you can do one of the many fun things in the GameCube version of Animal Crossing!