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Getting Mail Fast

But if you’re ordering something from Tom Nook, you probably want it fast. There are three ways to get your mail fast. The first way is to save and exit the game. Then when you come back into the game your mail will be there. The second way is to visit another town. Once you return, your mail is there.  Certain mail, takes a day or so to be received and will not be there even if you save and exit. The only way to speed up these types of mail is to change the time, which we don’t necessarily endorse. ;)

Writing Mail

When you send mail to villagers, they will only find your letter readable if you write in complete sentences and spell your words properly.  If you write something that doesn't make sense, the animal will let you know in their return letter.  Also, they won't return presents when your letters are confusing.

Sending Mail

Don't forget to take your mail to Pelly (or mean ol' Phyllis on the night shift) to send.  I am always writing letters and forgetting to send them.  To prevent this, I try to write my letters right inside of the town hall.  When I'm finished, I look up and remember to send them.

You have three options when sending letters:

Your Town

You can send letters to your friends and family who live in your town.  You can also send letters to animals who live in your town.

Other Town

You can send letters to your friends in other towns, but not to animals in other towns.

Future Self

You can send letters to yourself in the future.  What???  When you write a letter to your future self and send it, Pelly (or Phyllis) will ask you the day on which you want to receive the letter.  You cannot send a letter to yourself today, but you can choose any date in the future.  This would be useful if you wanted to send yourself a reminder of something to do in the game (e.g. "Buy turnips from Joan") or in real life (e.g. "Go work on research paper").

Sending Messages to the Wii Message Board

There is another mail option in the game. You can send messages to your Wii Message Board.  Pelly will give you a sheet of paper to write your message on. 

You can also send messages to cell phones and e-mail addresses or other Wiis that are in your contacts in your Wii Message Board.  Click on "Wii Message Board" and then select "Other Person."  This would allow you to send messages from the game to your computer.  They come out in plain text, however. 

To find out how to add people to your contacts, read p. 38 of your Wii Operations Manual: Channels and Settings.  When you are in the Create Message screen, you can click on the address book on the right side.  Click "Register" at the bottom right.  Then enter the name of the person and the e-mail address or Wii number.  Your Wii will send a message to that person's e-mail.  All they have to do is click reply to the message (it doesn't matter what they write).


There are many different types of stationary available in the game. Each day Nook has new designs to choose from. You can also order stationary from your catalog that you have already bought . You may notice that there are some new designs in your catalog that you didn't buy. That's because every time someone sends you a letter, the stationary they used appears in your catalog. This is a good way to get new designs. If you send lots of letters you will get lots of replies. For every reply you might get a new design.  Most stationary cost 160b, although some stationary, such as Elegant Paper, cost 800b.



Who doesn't like getting presents? Well in Animal Crossing you can attach presents to any letter you send. All you have to do is write a letter. Then you drag the item you want to send onto that letter.  Every time that you send a letter to a villager, you will get a return letter with a present inside, unless your letter was too confusing.  The animals will always send you furniture, carpet, or wallpaper that Tom Nook sells.

Storing Items in Letters

Very often you'll find out that there is not near enough space in your pockets to carry everything you need.
The solution: letters! You can store just about anything in letters except for living things (fish, insects, etc.). This adds 10 more slots to store things in (total of 25). The only down side is that you must have letters available. Items can be stored in both new letters not sent yet and old mail that you've already read.  You can store things the same way that you attach presents. Just put them back in your inventory when you need them. When you're trading with other villagers it's a good idea to keep all items that you don't want to get stolen in a safe place. All items are safe in letters! Just don't forget to check all your letters before you send them so you don't give something away.

Now, when you store letters in the post office, you can store them with presents attached.  This gives you 160 slots of long-term storage.  Use this for things that you don't need to access very much, as it is more difficult to get your stuff back out, such as rare furniture sets.

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