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Time Travel

What is Time Travel? It isn't an official Nintendo expression. It's just a term that players made up. Time Travel is simply changing the date that you are playing in your town. You can set the date forward or backward or change the time of day. It doesn't hurt your game, you don't lose your items, and we doubt Nintendo frowns on it since it is built into the game. It is NOT to be confused with hacking. We don't endorse hacking on the Animal Crossing Post. Nintendo has a setting in your game that allows you to set your date and time.

Why Would You Time Travel?

To Go To Different Holidays

Let's face it. Some people just don't have the patience to wait for all the cool holidays that Nintendo built into Animal Crossing. Maybe they don't plan on playing a whole year. (How in the world could anyone think of such a thing? Not us!) They just keep "time traveling" forward.

To Grow all your Grass back.

Most people are a little sad, to say the least, that the grass in their town dies and their town becomes brown the more you walk on it. If you set your date forward a few months, there will be grass in your town again. Then you can set the date back to where you were and the grass will still be there. You need to read about the drawbacks of time travel before you do this.

To Keep flowers alive if you missed some days playing.

You can set the date back to water flowers. For example you played on May 1 and watered your flowers. You didn't get to play on May 2 and May 3, so when you come back on the game you can set your date back to May 2 and water your flowers and they will still be there. When you are done watering you can restart your game and set the date to May 3 and go back to the game as usual.

Now if you are planning to time travel or you know you'll be away from your game for a while, you could put all your flowers in houses, dressers and mail storage at town hall. They'll be completely safe and you can bring them out when you want!

What are the Drawbacks of Time Traveling?

You might make a mistake !

Once I set the date back because I had not watered my flowers and I accidentally typed in the month and day I wanted in the year spot. My town had been full of flowers. I walked out of my house and all my flowers were gone and there were weeds everywhere! Once it's done, it's done. I had to start gardening my town all over again. I didn't have enough seeds or fertilizer. (Okay, I'm just kidding, there really are seeds in Animal Crossing but no fertilizer. Though someone may think of fertilizer in this instance.)

You miss out on the anticipation.

You just don't get the joy of seeing snow after all the months of playing, or new fish or bugs being in season, or the cherry trees blossom. If you meet all the challenges in the game in a month, you're just going to lose interest. How could anyone stand to be done with their Animal Crossing game? It's the bees knees. Well maybe you are having a lot of fun with your friends on wi-fi, but still, it just isn't the same as waiting.

Some people think it's like cheating!

You can tell when you have a friend who never time travels they just think a little less of you, when they say, "And I did it all without time traveling!" Maybe that's a little extreme. They don't really think less of you. But some people do think that Nintendo meant the game to played in real time, because that is how they designed it after all. Make your own opinion on this one folks. Maybe you'll want to play real time and change the clock back occasionally just to water flowers.