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Tom Nook

Tom Nook’s Store

Tom Nook will post a notice on the bulletin board when he is planning to expand.  He will close for a day. The first store is Nook’s Cranny, then Nook 'n' Go, then Nookway , and then Nookington’s.

To get each store, you must spend (selling and paying loans does not count) a certain number of bells.
Nook's Cranny: (open from 8am to 10pm)
Nook 'n' Go: 25,000 bells (open from 7am to 1am)
Nookway: 90,000 bells (open from 8am to 10pm)
Nookington's: 240,000 bells (open from 9am to 9pm)

When you have had Nookington's for a while, Nook will take a survey to find out whether or not his customers are satisfied.  If you aren't satisfied, he will close up shop for a day and revert to a previous store.  This can be valuable if you hate the early closing hours of Nookington's, but be careful with this survey.  If he reverts, he will expand again in the same sequence as before as you spend more bells.