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This article was contributed by our mom, who is also a big fan of Animal Crossing. Thanks, Mom!

Things to Do With Trees

Planting Trees

If you want to plan a tree you can buy a sapling at Tom Nook’s, or you can use a piece of fruit to start a fruit tree. To plant a tree, pick a spot, use your shovel to dig a hole, and drop the sapling or piece of fruit and use your shovel to cover it up. Don’t pick a spot that is shaded by a house or a wall because it won’t grow big. Also, the best time to plant a tree is on a rainy or snowy day. In a few days it will be nice and tall. If you want, you can plant them in rows to make a grove for picking fruit.

Cutting Trees

If you want to cut a tree down, just get an axe and follow instructions. It’s nice to clear paths so that you can run without bumping into trees all the time. Try not to tear down too many because your town will look ugly.

Picking Fruit

Read the fruit article.

Shaking Trees

Why would anyone want to shake a tree? For goodies! You can shake fruit off of trees, but there is even more to it. A bag of 100 bells may fall out of a regular tree when shaken. Occasionally, a leaf will float to the ground. You know, a furniture leaf! Take it home and set it on the floor to see what you got! It is good to have a system when rummaging through the trees. One system is to cover one acre at a time moving left to right, etc. Oh, beware, bees will swarm and bite you, making you look pitiful. They hurt!

Appreciation of Trees

The nice thing about having many different kinds of fruit trees is that your town will be colorful.

Don’t cut down too many regular trees just to fill your town with fruit trees, however, because the regular trees are really something to behold when the snow builds up in winter time. If you think that’s nice, wait ‘til you see them in December! The regular trees will be lit up with Christmas lights. It’s a winter wonder land!