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Talking to Villagers

To talk to animals, just walk up to them and press the A button.  They'll ask you questions.  Try to be nice.  :)

What do I do if they are asleep?

Animal Crossing Game Cube

If you play Animal Crossing at night you'll likely come across an animal that's asleep. If they're inside their house, too bad. You'll just have to come back later. If they're outside great! However be careful! If they are standing in the doorway they might go inside after you wake them up. A good way to prevent this is to push them out of the way. Then dig three holes to block them from going back inside. Now you can talk as long as you want (or until they get mad).

How can I keep them from moving out of town?

All villagers will move on eventually but they'll stay longer if you talk to them regularly. Sending mail to them will also help keep them in your town longer. Sometimes they'll hint that they are moving soon. This probably means you've been slacking of and haven't been too nice. Try and talk to them each time you play and send them a gift in the mail.

I'm mad at an animal! How can I annoy them?

There are three ways to annoy your animal "friends"

Ways to annoy animals:

  • Talk to them for a long time
  • Push them around
  • Hit them

If you continue to talk to an animal for a very long time they will eventually start saying mean things to you. Keep talking! After a few of these hints for you to leave they will start running around and refuse to talk to you. If you try to talk to them they will yell at you.

Pushing a villager is pretty easy (and fun!). Just run up to the animal and push him/her around until they tell you to stop. You can keep pushing them, but don't count on them still being your friend!

Hitting your villagers is NOT recommended. Why? Because it's violent and Animal Crossing is E rated. :) Plus they will get angry at you. You can use either your axe or your net. The net is probably the easiest. Just make sure you don't get to close or you will end up talking to them when you press A instead of hitting them.

Sending Mail to Villagers

Sending Gifts

loading...You might not have known that you can send gifts to other villagers. You're probably thinking "Why would I want to do that?" Well, there are two reasons.

Reasons to send gifts in the mail

  • Keep them in your town longer
  • Receive a gift back from them

Plus they will show off your letter to others! So be nice because other people will see what you wrote!

You don't have to send something expensive. Just send a piece of fruit or something like that (cheap!) and they'll be perfectly happy.

NOTE: You don't have to send a gift. Just be sure to include LOTS of exclamation marks. If you do you are more likely to receive a reply with a gift attached.
(e.g. Hello Oxford!!!!!! How have you been!!!!!!! See ya later!!!!!!!)

Helping out Your Villagers

Running Errands

loading...Why would I want to run errands? Simple! To get special gifts! Each time you complete an errand, the villager you delivered the item to will give you a gift. Sometimes big, sometimes small. So the main question here is how do you run an errand?  All you have to do is go up to an animal and talk to them. When the 3 options pop-up click the one on the top, usually something like "Give me a job" or "Let me help" then they will assign you a job (e.g. deliver Oxford's Game Boy, or give a present to Pecan)

Ok, so now you have a job. What next? If you are delivering Oxfords Game Boy, for example, you first need to find out where Oxford lives. Then talk to him and again choose the top option that say's something like "Delivery". Then Oxford will give you a give. A lot of times they will give you furniture so this is a great way to get free stuff when you have no money.

Change Their Catch Phrase

loading...You know that funny little saying that every animal says at the end of each sentence? Well you can change it if they ask you to. They will tell you they're tired of saying the same old thing, and ask you to change it. You could direct it to someone else who plays at your house for example "8th grader" or "feedpets".

Trading with Villagers

Animals don't trade as much in City Folk as they did in GameCube.
Improving your hand at this requires practice. If you are prone to getting scammed, try not to bring anything valuable with you. You can store valuable stuff in letters and it will be safe—see our mail article.

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