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The NEW Animal Crossing Post

The Animal Crossing Post will soon be transformed into The NEW Animal Crossing Post. Many new features will be added and the forums will be integrated right into the site. Plus we have a whole new crew of staff and members joining the team! We are excited to have Animal Crossing Kids jump aboard as we merge our sites together.

Read all about it here!



Jingle is coming on December 24th; be sure to read our guide for tips on finding him and getting the whole Jingle furniture set!

Read the Jingle Guide


Target to Sell AC: City Folk for $27

While this is not confirmed, there are many Black Friday sites which show Target stores selling Animal Crossing: City Folk for $27. Again this deal would be on Black Friday (11/27/09). If you do not own the latest addition in the Animal Crossing series this would be a perfect time to pick up a copy or maybe even two!

EDIT: We have also found it for cheaper! It is currently selling for very cheap at three stores.
The first is for $17.14 at Fry's Electronics (Frys.com), however it is currently not available to buy online (in store only). If you live near a "Frys" store, this is a great deal. Frys.com
The second is Newegg.com. They have it for $24.99 with FREE shipping Newegg.com.
And the third site is Buy.com. AC:CF is going for $23.95 (+$3.20 Shipping) Buy.com.
NOTE: The Animal Crossing Post does not guarantee or back up any of these deals. Some are sold from independent sellers. Shop with caution before buying anything online!


NEW! The Animal Crossing Post - Newsletter

Today we are unveiling something new here at ACP. We are excited to announce that you can now subscribe to our exclusive newsletter! By signing up you will have access to the following great features, right from your inbox!

  • Latest site updates from ACP.
  • Upcoming events in Animal Crossing: City Folk and Animal Crossing: Let's Go To the City.
  • Information about the newest ACP contests
  • DLC updates including dates for the next DLC items from Nintendo.
  • Exclusive subscriber-only content.
  • And much more!

The newsletter will be published once per month and we may occasionally publish a bonus newsletter as well. Sign up today to start receiving The Animal Crossing Post - Newsletter!

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The 3 Million Bell Giveaway - Winner!

If you have been following our new contest page, you may have seen The 3 Million Bell Giveaway. Well the entry period ended September 29th and the winner was chosen on the 30th. We would like to announce the winner, jessica6902. She will receive 3 million Animal Crossing bells, and an appearance on ACP-TV - our very own live online broadcast. Congratulations Jessica!

Keep your eyes peeled for future contests. It could be your chance to win big prizes!

Contest Page


Nintendo WFC is Currently Down If you have tried to play Animal Crossing, Mario Kart, or any other online game on your Wii or DS today, you probably realized something was not quite right. For those of you that thought it was yourself, it's not. Millions of people, all day today, tried to connect to the Nintendo WFC (Wi-Fi Connection), but instead were presented with the error code 20100
(look-up at: support.nintendo.com )
or a similar one. Hopefully the servers will be back up soon. Until then, a few words for all you die-hard Wi-Fi players around the world; hang in there! It should be fixed before long. Below are some screenshots of the error you would most likely see if you tried to connect on AC:CF or AC:LGTTC.

*EDIT 09/19/09*
It is back up, however some people are still reporting issues with the WFC being slow and hard to get to peoples towns. At least you can now play online again!

Screen #1

Screen #2


Become A Fan On Facebook Facebook

You can now become a fan of The Animal Crossing Post on Facebook! Be one of the first ones!!!

Facebook fan widget on ACP

Actual fan page on Facebook.com


The 3 Million Bell Giveaway! 3million

We have a new contests page up, where we will occasionally hold drawings for cool prizes! This month, you can enter to win 3 million bells and an appearance on ACP-TV! Visit the contests page to learn how to play.

Contest Page


New Site Features! Today we are excited to unveil some great new site features, and announce some new ones coming soon. We have been working for quite awhile on these and we are happy to make them available to the entire world!

ACP-TV (www.animalcrossingpost.com/tv)
ACP-TV has to parts two it. ACP-TV LIVE and ACP-TV VIDEOS. With ACP-TV LIVE you will be able to watch live Animal Crossing broadcasts, right from your computer. We will have shows every so often so be sure to periodically check the ACP-TV home page for the latest live show times/dates. You can also glance just over to the right on every page, and check the status of ACP-TV LIVE. The second part of ACP-TV is the Videos. There we will be adding guide videos, ACP commercials, and more! All of this is available on:


Photo Gallery
You can now view our town photos in the new photo gallery. In the past, to see our photos, you had to visit our Flickr photo gallery. Visit the new photo gallery to see photos of our town we upload!

Photo Gallery

Coming Soon!
Soon we hope to have an iPhone/iPod Touch WebApp. With the iPhone WebApp you will be able to get The Animal Crossing Post anywhere* and anytime in the palm of your hand!

* iPod Touch users will need to be connected to a WiFi hotspot to view the WebApp.


Animal Crossing Post: The Redesign As you may have already noticed, The Animal Crossing Post has been redesigned! If you've been here before, you know that the previous style was a blue/teal color. We think the new green fits with the Animal Crossing feel. We've changed the sidebar, too! With fewer links and helpful icons, the new sidebar makes The Animal Crossing Post easier to navigate. Take a look around, and enjoy the new design. If you'd like to compare the new with the old, click here to see the old design:

Old Style

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